QT in Quarantine | A Few Ideas

A few suggestion on how to do good by your home and your yourself..

 1. Give your home some love: Let's appreciate our homes for what they are.. our shelter. Take some time to give your walls, windows, and walkways a little of the love they give you every day. Tidy up (we’ve heard it equates to a tidy mind), light a candle, and take a few deep breaths. How lucky are we to have a space to call our own. 

2. Clean off your houseplants: Not only does giving your greenery a good wipe-down make it look a little cuter, but it also helps our leafy friends photosynthesize. The easier and better a plant can photosynthesize, the healthier and happier it’ll be. Simply give leaves a gentle once-over with a damp washcloth and voila! 

3. Go for a solo hike/walk: The growing pains of “social distancing” are still relatively new, but (for now, at least), we’re not limited to the confines of our interiors. Pick a playlist or podcast and take a solo walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park. Just be sure to adhere to best/safest practices of social distancing by keeping at least two meters between you and anyone else. And please if you don't feel well do not go out.

4. Learn a new skill on Youtube: Let’s take these mandatory nights in and use them to our advantage. How awesome will it be to emerge from your chrysalis having learned how to wolf whistle, do a kick-flip, make a paper crane, or play that sick harmonica? If you’re willing to shell out some dollars, you can even take an online Master Class from a pro, like a storytelling class from David Sedaris, a cooking class from Thomas Keller, or a tennis lesson from Serena Williams.  

5. Have a FaceTime dinner (or Happy Hour) date: Call your friends via Face time or Zoom. You will thank us.

 6. Learn to cook something:  Now is the time to get a little creative with our culinary skills. Look up your favorite chef and get some online receips to try.

7. Get to know your wardrobe: For those a bit more style-inclined, this is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with all those articles you may have lost touch with at the back of your closet (unless you’ve already Kondo-d the place, in which case, you can skip this tip). Have an '80s-movie-style wardrobe montage to get ideas (and even snap pics) of styles to wear once we’re out and about again. We suggest starting with the weird stuff. 

8. Organize your Tupperware drawer: While you’re at it, clean out your junk drawer. Your future self will thank your...future self. Pro tip: Use a hairdryer to blow the dust bunnies out of drawers and windowsills. 

9. Journal : Start your day by focusing on what you are grateful for. It will put things into perspective quickly.

10. Give your yard some TLC:  Getting outside and doing a bit of spring cleaning is an excellent way to recenter, reconnect, and get some much-needed Vitamin D. Dig in. 

12. Think over that big project a bit more: Maybe there’s something you’ve been wanting to pitch for a while at work, but the day-to-day task list keeps getting in the way. Use this time to really dig deep into the bigger picture.

13. Learn a language: You have no excuse now for all those things you've been putting off. Try the app Duolingo or download Rossetta Stone and gett started. Hola como estas!